Built for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure‎
Enhances and simplifies your client virtualization by hyperconverged platform and consumption-based services

Businesses in every industry are looking to VDI to unleash mobile productivity, simplify operations, and reduce total cost of ownership, especially in the trend of home office.  Traditional VDI platforms can’t meet the increased processing demands of today’s graphics-intensive applications. Poor experiences can frustrate employees and limit productivity.



HPE SimpliVity is your choice to simplify management, security, and provisioning for your platform. And with HPE GreenLake, a pay‑as-you-go model with management services, which freeing up IT staff to focus on delivering business value.






HPE SimpliVity









HPE SimpliVity goes beyond compute, storage, and storage networking to converge all IT infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads - including data efficiency, data protection, management, and mobility. It provides a single, shared resource pool across the entire IT stack, with unified management, eliminating point products and inefficient siloed IT architectures.






Why HPE SimpliVity is a good fit for VDI?


HPE SimpliVity is suited to run VDI workloads with unique advantages that include:

  •  Simplified deployment with hyperconverged building blocks.
  •  Ability to start small and scale out in affordable  increments - from pilot to production.
  •  Option to leverage existing server investments as compute-only nodes.
  •  Independently validated, unmatched VDI performance for a superb end-user experience.
  •  Deployment of full-clone desktops with the same data efficiency as linked clones.
  •  Enterprise-class data protection and resiliency.





HPE GreenLake

Pay-as-you-go consumption-based IT solutions that deliver desired outcomes with hardware, software, and expertise on-premises or in the cloud. Start with the capacity you need today and grow with business demand.



Benefits of HPE GreenLake consumption-based services

HPE GreenLake
is a pay‑per-use, elastic model with management services that simplify IT operations:

  •  65% shortened time to market for deploying global IT projects1
  •  30% CAPEX savings due to eliminated need for overprovisioning1
  •  90% reduction in support/professional services costs1




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1 The Total Economic ImpactTM of HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, a commissioned case study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of HPE, May 2018