Data Storage in the New Era
powered by AI and Machine Learning

dHCI takes Hyperconverged Further


Get all the simplicity and ease-of-use that you love about HCI – but for all your apps. HPE Nimble Storage disaggregated HCI (dHCI) delivers a hyperconverged experience that includes business-critical speed and resiliency alongside independent scaling of compute and storage.



Simplest experience yet

Be up and running in less than 15 minutes – and then stay up with no-compromise, always-on data services and continuous wellness monitoring from storage to VMs.


Unmatched performance & resiliency


HCI delivers agility and ease of use, but its architectural limitations make it a risky bet for business-critical apps.


Flexible scale and zero waste


Enjoy the unrivalled economics of an architecture that can scale compute and storage independently – and deliver guaranteed best data efficiency. 



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dHCI Solutions

As the industry’s only intelligent cloud for virtual machines, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is powered by AI-driven intelligence and built on industry-leading servers, storage and networking solutions.

HPE Nimble Storage

Radically simplify operations with powerful predictive analytics. Deploy workloads on flash arrays, converged infrastructure and public cloud.



  • 9999% guaranteed availability
  • 86% issue resolution
  • #1 in data capacity, guaranteed


HPE InfoSight

Optimise performance and predict and prevent problems by adding AI-driven operations that combine cloud-based machine learning with performance monitoring.



  • 86% of issues automatically predicted and resolved
  • 85% less time managing problems
  • 54% of problems resolved are beyond storage
HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

Disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure (dHCI) provides the flexibility to scale storage and compute independently, making it ideal for mission-critical data bases and data warehouses.



  • Intelligently simple
  • Six 9s resiliency
  • Efficient scalability

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