High Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions
Overcome complexity and converged workloads faster

Growth of HPC


High performance computing is used to solve the world’s most complex problems and drive discoveries and innovation for the future.  But complexity is getting in the way. You can find HPC IT, in almost every industry, enabling discoveries and invention. This IT environment needs to be fast, at the optimum performance levels, and always on.



Adding to this environmental complexity, HPC environments are seeing an explosion of data from artificial intelligence, modeling & simulation, and Big Data analytics; and evolving customer needs for data-intensive workloads are driving increased expansion in these IT environments to solve the most difficult computing challenges.


Make HPC available to industry


HPE continuously build, validate and deliver secure, innovative, production-level HPC solutions with leading-edge technologies and services. The HPC solutions can be scaled up or scaled out, on-premises or in the cloud, to suit your workloads and economic requirements.


In the fast few years, Expert & HPE successfully helped the university communities to implement HPC solutions for academic and research aspects.


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HPC Solution Products


HPE high performing computing solutions are purpose-built to deliver the aggregated power you need to solve tough problems.

Apollo System

A Gen10 enterprise deep learning platform with industry-leading accelerators, delivering exceptional performance for faster intelligence.



  • Accelerated performance
  • Flexibility for HPC environments
  • Resilient, secure and simple
Cray ClusterStor

An entirely new design, created from the ground up to handle today’s new massive converged modeling, simulation, AI and analytics workloads.



  • Flexible Hardware Infrastructure
  • Breakthrough Interconnect
  • Redesigned Software Stack
  • Integrated Storage Solution

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